Tron energy bandwidth

Introduction to use

How to buy

You send TRX coins through a digital wallet to the platform purchase address

The platform will automatically proxy resources to your payment address or binding address

To lock multiple days, add 4,444+days after the decimal point, such as

  • Buy 3TRX Unlocked days = send 3 TRX
  • You will receive 3.444,403 TRX worth of resources for 60 minutes
  • Buy 3TRX locked for 3 days = send 9.444,403 TRX
  • You will receive 3.444,403 TRX worth of resources for 3 days
  • Buy 3TRX locked for 30 days = send 90.444,430 TRX
  • You will receive 3.444,430 TRX worth of resources for 30 days
  • The current maximum lockout period is 30 days

How to buy for others

Platform VIP can be purchased directly for others

To become a VIP or change your address you can do so in the following ways:

  • Become an VIP: Send 0.555,551 TRX to the platform's purchase address
  • Change the bind address: Send 0.008 TRX to the other person's address to be bound
  • Unbind address: Send 0.007 TRX to Other person's address

PS: Follow the official channel to receive system information such as bindings in real time

How to calculate

Sun is the smallest unit of measurement for TRX:

1TRX = 1,000,000 sun

A USDT transaction costs approximately:

31,895 energy and 268 bandwidth

If the recipient does not have USDT, it consumes 64,895 energy

Digital wallets

It is recommended to use a browser to install the plugin: TronLink

It is recommended to install the APP: imToken on mobile phones

Click to download the official certified wallet


TRON is a distributed operating system based on blockchain technology, based on which the endogenous virtual currency, referred to as TRX, was founded in 2017 by Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun

  • Architecture: In the protocol of the TRON network, the holders of TRX are equal in the allocation of resources, including bandwidth and energy. TRON provides a decentralized virtual machine that can execute programs using common nodes around the world. The network has zero transaction fees and can support ~2000 transactions per second.
  • Governance: The TRON network community regularly nominates 27 superdelegates whose computing resources generate and validate blocks (an average of 3 seconds), thus forming a distributed autonomous organization. Super delegates are re-elected every 6 hours. The 27 superdelegates also managed the network proposal and voted on the TIP (Proposal for Improvement of Universe).
  • Advantages:USDT has always been the most well-known stablecoin. Tether issued USDT on a total of 13 chains, of which Tron has the largest issuance, accounting for more than 54%, followed by Ethereum and Solana with 44% and 2.7% respectively, and the top four on-chain issuance accounted for nearly 99% of the total issuance.

    All in all, USDT is the most famous stablecoin, and TRON is the biggest supporter of USDT


All types of transactions require the consumption of bandwidth points. Transactions are transmitted and stored in the TRON network in the form of byte arrays. Each byte consumes one bandwidth point, so the number of bandwidth points consumed for a transaction is equal to the number of transaction bytes. When the available bandwidth is insufficient, TRX needs to be burned to pay for bandwidth points.

At present, the unit price of the official combustion bandwidth is 1000sun


Each instruction of a smart contract consumes a certain amount of energy when it runs, so contracts of different complexity consume different amounts of energy. When the contract is executed, the corresponding energy is calculated and deducted according to the instructions of each order. When the available energy in the account is insufficient, TRX needs to be burned to pay for the corresponding energy.

The current official unit price of burning energy is 420 sun

USDT trading process


Register a digital coin [decentralized] wallet


Buy USDT and TRX on digital currency exchanges


Transfer TRX to this platform to purchase resources


Finally, transfer USDT to the counterparty

Join us

As long as you are authorized, you can become an agent household, automatically agent resources, and automatically settle every day

Authorized address: TQFSmfH3GYirz9nxoKQTvbbTdbd3wTronz

  • 1 Install the tronlink plugin in your browser
  • 2 Login wallet => Stake => Permission
  • 3 Edit permission => add active permission. fill in as follows
  • Permission
  • Actions: Delegate Resources, Reclaim Resources
  • Threshold:1
  • Keys:Click to copy the authorization address
  • Weight:1
  • Save and you're done
  • 1 Install the TronLink wallet in the app market
  • 2 Log in to wallet => Me => Wallet Management
  • 3 Permission => Add Permissions.fill in as follows
  • Permission name:
  • Permissions:Delegate Resource,Reclaim Resources
  • Threshold:1
  • Keys:Click to copy the authorization address
  • Weight:1
  • Save and you're done

Fairness and transparency

The chain can be checked and disclosed and cannot be tampered with

Safe and secure

Safe, reliable, minimalist and fast

Dedicated customer service

24-hour dedicated customer service

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Blockchain is essentially a shared database of data or information stored in it. It has the characteristics of non-forgery, full trace, traceable, open and transparent, collective maintenance, etc

A decentralized wallet is a wallet that you personally download and own the private key. The centralized wallet refers to the exchange wallet address, which has no private key.

Once the payment is complete, energy is received within 6 seconds. In rare cases, there is a delay of 30 to 60 seconds.

There is no handling fee for buyers on this site. Sellers (merchants) on this site need a certain commission, which is currently in the range of 15% to 20%, but it is also lower than other platforms

If you transfer to TRX and do not receive the resource, it will be refunded automatically. Refund will not be supported if you received the resource. Note: This site does not support USDT purchase